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  • Highest & Impeccable Quality

    By selecting high-end quality raw materials as the basis for our unique formulas, each product will help improve your performance in a safe and healthy way

  • Used By Professional Athletes

    Elite Molecules' products are exclusively developed with professional athletes participating in offcial competition

  • Developed By Sports Scientists

    Molecular sports nutrition developed by scientists for maximum performance and top notch results


I train like crazy. Every percentage of progression is very important to me. To excel, Prohydra Elite is as essential to me as my training.
My powermeter loves it.

Jeff Van Meirhaeghe - Belgian Champion U23 2014 & Pro Cyclist As Of 2015


I use Prohydra Elite during every high intensity training and competition. The results have impressed me!
For me, this is the new generation of sports nutrition.

Michiel Van Aelbroeck - Triple Belgian Champion, Marathon Mountainbike


Thanks to Prohydra Elite I could maintain a high pace during the Cape Pioneer resulting in a strong finish. My recovery was also faster.
We even claimed the overall!

Alice Pirard - Dual Belgian Champion Marathon MTB 


The Marathon Des Sables pushes your body to the physical limits. With Recup Elite I woke up every morning with legs to push my boundaries.
Jochen Tourlousse - 16th Overall & Best Belgian Participant Ever


Does Prohydra Elite improve your performance?

Yes. Fatigue at the end of an effort is often caused by dehydration which can decrease your sprint capacity by 45% and your VO2max by 5% in cold conditions. In warm conditions your VO2max will decrease even more... Body fluid loss results in a decrease of your maximal aerobic power. Prohydra Elite will powerfully substitute this loss enabling you to impose a heavier load for a longer time. You simply get more quality out of each workout and can make more progress.

How does it work?

Prohydra Elite is a unique formula ensuring that the water you drink is absorbed very quickly and efficiently into the bloodstream. This is why Prohydra Elite helps you to train harder and finish stronger.

How much do I need to drink?

Drink 500ml Prohydra Elite 1 hour before and every 2 hours during exercise for maximum hydration so you can perform up to the last minute.

How do I prepare 1 serving?

To prepare one serving is very easy: Step 1: Dilute 1 sachet in 500ml water. Step 2: Shake your bottle Step 3: Drink Prohydra Elite

Do professional athletes use Prohydra Elite?

Yes, Elite Molecules' products are exclusively developed with athletes participating in professional competition. To learn more about these athletes check our Testimonials section in the main menu.

What does shipment cost and how long does it take?

Elite Molecules products are available for athletes anywhere in Europe. We provide free shipment to Belgium and The Netherlands, where it takes us a maximum of 3 working days to deliver your order. For other countries delivery can take up to 5 working days. For other countries check shipment prices at the checkout page.